A rare cocktail of technology and communication

Confident and creative professional, experienced in UX and Front-End development. Competent and motivational team leader with good presentation and people skills. An advocate for accessibility, usability and W3C standards. And committed to quality customer support.

Aspiring to develop my skills so I can be a Product Owner. To get there, I am upscaling my professionalism, my experience and my working knowledge of the principles of UX.

BSc Web Design & Development Hons. (UX) - Graded 2:1 from Edinburgh Napier University.

An extroverted individual good with both people and computers. I stand out because I can communicate and relate effectively to both the consumer and the dev-team.

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Gotta Be Unique

Do you like my photos? All the graphics, colour schemes and photos are my own. Please check out my Flickr account for some of my public pictures.

...No Themes Allowed

I don't cheat! I don't consider using templating systems like Bootstrap to be cheating. I heavily modify the standard bootstrap, and roll my own LESS. If you would like to see how this portfolio website was made, please read this article on it.

Gotta Be Minimal

Most people defend their design for a reason. I just defend beacuse I want it to be simple for the user! Why confuse them more? I make my designs simple, where the user can get from A --> B with no hassle or cognitive drain. View my portfolio page for my minimal design, from concept to code.